Readmissions Impact Wellbeing — As Well As Finances

Between 2018-2019, over 2,500 hospitals will be facing severe reimbursement penalties under the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program, according to the CMS. These penalties will sum withholdings of up to 3% of hospitals’ regular reimbursements.

The need for ACOs and IPAs to save funds has led us to provide innovative solutions to improve patient care, while at the same time protecting these institutions from regulatory forfeitures.


Solving Readmissions Through Personalized Patient Engagement

Our eDoc service has been carefully designed around solving a real and specific problem: Drastically reducing hospital readmissions through Remote Patient Monitoring and Tele-Health care coordination.

  • We rely on a highly-trained team of qualified physicians on staff, providing remote patient care.
  • Our advanced technology capabilities allow us to integrate with hospitals and other healthcare facilities, seamlessly sharing data both ways.
  • Our advanced Telehealth capabilities allow us to adapt quickly under changing patient circumstances, offering better patient care, and allowing hospitals, ACOs and IPAs to focus on what they do best.

eDoc’s Advantages to Reduce Readmissions

eDoc brings forth a unique set of staff and technological support mechanisms to take on patient monitoring and tele-health care coordination from the moment they are discharged.

At the core of our purpose, eDoc supports hospitals, ACOs and IPAs to generate more revenue through improved beneficiary outcomes and reduced instances of avoidable care issues, which in turn increase quality scores and reduce penalties due to patient readmissions.

Historically, hospitals have been receiving severe financial penalties if their observed readmissions exceeded a set national standard. Our eDoc service is both a proactive and remedial method to ensure hospitals, ACOs and IPAs can protect their precious reimbursement funds.

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Our Unique eDoc Features Include:

Staff Advantages

  • Service-Driven

    Services tailored around executing an effective readmissions reduction plan.

  • Physician Access

    Physicians are available on-demand around the clock — through our 24/7 call-center — to attend pressing patient needs and care follow-through.

  • Telehealth

    Management of disease treatment and medication through advanced Telehealth protocols.

  • Care Coordination

    Follow up on post-discharge care through patient care coordination.

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Technology Advantages

  • Supported By A.I.

    Our tools are backed by Artificial Intelligence for predictive analysis and other benefits brought to life by machine learning.

  • Risk Management

    Risk-adjustment/stratification instruments to identify patients for effective care coordination.

  • Engagement

    Patient engagement tools allow for close interaction with care coordination staff.

  • Data Access

    Access to longitudinal health records, along with precise evaluation based on historical trends.

Technology. Senior woman patient having video call with doctor on tablet pc computer at home.

Begin Implementing Effective Readmission Reduction

Reach out to our organization for an initial discussion on the most effective plan for your facility to reduce patient readmissions.