Care Plan Supervision For A Value-Based Care World

Bringing doctors and patients closer together through effective treatment monitoring and improved communication.

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High-End Solutions To Patient Care

  • technology


    Our technology platform ensures patient wellness, preventative care tracking, and disease management modules. The Virtual Health Desk app allows for providers and patients to connect at any given time and accounts for care alerts to be triggered, making sure there are no gaps in patient care.

  • data


    Longitudinal health records collected from various data sources are available for entire care teams, and to provide effective continuity of care.

  • reporting


    Patient health scores and physicians performance scores are measured through a set of algorithms and analytics.

For Doctors:

  • Through the committed care from our staff, patient care supervision is improved even after their appointment, resulting in better outcomes.
  • Physicians will see increased revenue and lower costs after implementing Virtual Health Desk within their practice.
  • Patients will be more satisfied with their care, resulting in increased quality score for the doctor and their practice.
  • Continued connectivity between doctors and their patients helps benefit patient satisfaction and retention.
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For Patients:

  • On demand availability of personalized care managers helps patients with their care coordination between their providers.
  • Increased support structure for patient disease management and education.
  • Care availability is increased even after their appointment is over, with staff physicians available for any intervention if needed.
  • Interactive portal gives patients access to their health information and allow them to add their input periodically for physician evaluation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Virtual Health Desk?

Virtual Health Desk offers physicians a more personalized care for their patients through innovative hi-tech care coordination mechanisms. A dedicated and knowledgeable team is assigned to each patient, who help follow through with unique care plans for each individual patient.

Patients are able to access their personal care plan and other personal health information via their online account, and are also able to call in at any moment for follow through and questions.

Q. What are the benefits of Virtual Health Desk?

Staying on top of health doesn’t end once the appointment is over. For many patients, engaging with their personalized care plan is crucial for their day to day life. Through their own, personalized account, patients can access their care plan from the tips of their fingers, while staying on what’s going on within their bodies and having access to the information in accessible terms. Read more about patient benefits here.

On the other hand, Virtual Health Desk helps doctors and medical practitioners organize their patient list and requirements, as well as secure increased care for their patients. Read more about doctor benefits here.

Q. Are there any requirements before patients can access Virtual Health Desk?

Patients must be on Medicare or other accepted forms of insurance. Once those requirements are met, the patient’s Care Plan Supervision physician will provide further instructions on how to access Virtual Health Desk’s features.