How It Works

Our doctors and care managers will correspond with your primary care physician and staff, and are able to get prescriptions refilled, help patients follow through with post-appointment care, and answer their most pressing health questions — whether your offices are open or not.

Benefits for Doctors

  • Through the committed care from our staff, patient care supervision is improved even after their appointment, resulting in improved patient outcome.
  • Physicians will see increased revenue and lower costs after implementing Virtual Health Desk within their practice.
  • Patients will be more satisfied with their care, resulting in an increased quality score for the physician.
  • Increased quality measures: Comply with CMS quality payment program.

How Do We Do It?

  • Physicians on our staff are appointed as medical directors.
  • Care managers are designated to a certain volume of patients, which will then have strict responsibilities to adhere to patient assistance.
  • Our technology suite includes sophisticated I.T. features, such as disease profiling, risk stratification, and categorizing patients in CCM programs vs. Complex CCM.
  • Disease-specific protocols are applied in order to continue treatment and prevention, depending on each patient’s circumstance.
  • We keep ourselves up to date with healthcare regulations, patient care programs, technologies and administrative resources for optimized performance.


doctor on computer with phone

Why Your Practice Should Go Virtual

  • Virtual Health Desk offers add-on solutions to the doctor’s practice, without the hefty startup nor overhead costs.
  • We fill in care gaps and increase overall quality measures. In fact, 62.5% of health system clinicians say that their primary motivation toward virtual health is to fill in gaps in care (source: Fierce Healthcare).
  • Practices that have implemented Virtual Health Desk have seen increased physician and practice quality measures, as well as an increased physician fee schedule — which translates into more revenue for the practice.
  • Medical practitioners that include virtual care programs enjoy increased savings, bonuses, and/or incentives.
  • Practices are able to reduce operational costs by decreasing staff required to operate, adding more time available time to their operations, resulting in increased profits. There is a significant cost drop by adding Virtual Health Desk to your practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Virtual Health Desk cover all my patients? Or is there a patient requirement?

Virtual Health Desk covers patients who are 65+ and on Medicare or other similar forms of insurance.

Q. What does Virtual Health Desk provide to get started?

Once you open your Virtual Health Desk account, you will receive:

  • Legal contracts
  • Physician and patient educational materials
  • Implementation and training guidelines
  • Office’s profiling tool kit
Q. How do I create a Virtual Health Desk account?

Book an initial consultation with one of our knowledgeable team members.

Compliance Information

Our platform complies with programs from CMS – Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Centers for Medicare & Meidcaid Services

Reach Out To Our Team

In order to get started with Virtual Health Desk, please submit your contact information and we will schedule a session to go over our solution and answer any of your questions.